June 25, 2018

Nancy Fenner, sitting in the window of an old barn…

Nancy Fenner, sitting in the window of an old barn while deep in thought.

After 22 years working as an executive with a large company, I decided to really take a look at my life. Although very successful……I wasn’t fulfilled.  Matter of fact……I was down right miserable!

The last five years of my career I spent a great deal of time thinking about the things I love to do. But……I was too chicken to take action to pursue any of them. Think about it……does anyone in their right mind give up such a position and income when they are only a few short years away from retirement?

My wake up call came.......

when I developed high blood pressure and hypertension.  But what could I expect after working seventy-hour weeks for 22 years in a high-pressured environment. I’ve always been pretty much in control of the things in my life and this was something I couldn’t control. I have always maintained the mindset that “life is pretty much what you make it”. What you put in it, is what you get out of it.”

"Timeless Elegance" is the only way to describe the beautiful offerings found at Better With Age Antique Interiors.

Although terrified.......

I decided to resign my newspaper career and follow my dream……I filled my mind with I Can Do It………I Can Do It……I Can Do It!  August 2000,  “Better with Age Antique Interiors” was born. Now........with that being said....let me tell you that I still work my butt off and work long hours. But... when you do what you love it really doesn't seem like work.

I specialize primarily in Early European Furniture, Lamps and Home Accessories. My favorite furniture pieces come from England. I love the warmth and masculin elegance they have and mixed with the old world patina makes these pieces magnificent in their beauty.

Much of my inspiration .......

came from my mother who passed June 1999. Often I would tell her how miserable I was. She would say “Nancy, you are so creative and should pursue something that you can use your creative talent.” She knew how much I loved antiques and working with my hands.  As I got older she told me I got “Better with Age.” I’ll give you one guess where my business name came from.

Unfortunately my mother did not live long enough to see me finally take the step to follow my dreams. I dedicated my business to my mother who is watching over me. I am sure this has a lot to do with my success and happiness. God Bless you Mother! Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams!

Continued Success.......

2015 will mark the 15th anniversary for Better With Age Antique Interiors. I would like to express my greatest appreciation and thank each and every one of my customers for visiting over the years. Many of you have become more than a customer, but a friend as well. I want to give a special thanks to those of you that have sharred your shopping experience in my store with your family and friends. The biggest contributor to my business success has been through word of mouth and customer referrals. Thank you..............I could not have done it without all of you!!

~ Nancy Fenner ~

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Better With Age Antiques is located in "The Street of Shops" across from the main antique building at Renninger’s Antique Center, just North of 46 on Hwy 441. Open every weekend from 9 am to 4:30 pm.  Click here to visit the Renninger's Web site.

Nancy Fenner

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